Sunday, January 24, 2016

Nephi's last farewell (2 Nephi 33)

Good Sabbath (today is Sunday), and welcome to the last chapter of 2nd Nephi, and the last words of a great man.  In 2 Ne 33, Nephi ends his life's work by bearing testimony that what he's been teaching since he was young and large in stature was the truth, and have been the words of Jesus Christ.  

Nephi experienced a lot of stuff in his life.  Remember that time his brothers tried to kill him?  Oh, and that other time his brothers tried to kill him.  Then there was that other time his brothers tried to kill him.  But, along with his trials of swollen wrists, broken bows, starving family members, stormy oceans and having to eat raw meat in the wilderness, Nephi had some pretty sweet moments.

  • He witnessed a vision of the Mother of The Savior being big with child
  • He witnessed a vision of the life, baptism, ministry and atoning sacrifice of Christ
  • He witnessed a vision of the visit of the resurrected Savior to Nephi's descendants in the land Bountiful
  • He witnessed a vision of Columbus sailing the ocean blue, the Mayflower bringing the pilgrims to Plymouth Rock, the Revolutionary War, the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that gospel being brought back to his posterity
  • He witnessed a vision of our day

I wonder if Nephi felt a tinge (just of tinge) of envy when he saw how we can communicate today with computers and iPads and stuff instead of carving on plates.  Then again, I don't think an iPad would have lasted the 1400 years between Moroni and Joseph Smith.

Anywayz....  a scripture or 2 from chapter 33.  Watch for how much Nephi loves his people, how much he loves the Savior, and how much hope he has for his posterity.

I like that, "If ye believe not in these words, believe in Christ; and if ye believe in Christ ye shall believe in these words."  Personally, I believe Nephi spoke the words of Christ.

Next, on to Nephi's little brother, Jacob.  He's a little more stern than his big brother, but at least he speaks French.

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